Outreach Centers

Visually impaired people feel more comfortable coming to Outreach Centers, where blind Christians share Jesus’ love with resources they can use. Christians at Blind Outreach Centers go out of their way to reach out with a hand of help. Here, both sighted and blind people gather for friendship, help, and support as they show and tell Jesus’ love.

They provide daily support, fellowship, and classes. People meet for fellowship meals, Bible study, skill-training classes to prepare for employment, support groups for people with various vision problems, and training to become effective Christian leaders. They teach Braille classes with the Adult Braille Christian Reader curriculum, which addresses hard questions blind people ask, such as “Where is God?” and “Is there hope?”

Most importantly, Outreach Centers provide a family of love and care. Many people who would not otherwise hear about Jesus connect to God’s Word and His people at Outreach Centers.

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Outreach Center(s) in New Mexico

(sorted by city)

Outreach Center 648
Light of the World Outreach
Immanuel Lutheran Church
300 Gold Avenue SE
Albuquerque, NM 87102-3537
(505) 332-2006
Immanuel Lutheran Church website

Outreach Center 649
Blind Friends
Calvary Lutheran Church
305 Unser Blvd SE
Rio Rancho, NM 87174-0595
(505) 328-4035
Calvary Lutheran Church website