The Ministry of
Lutheran Braille Workers

Rev. Stueve with both Braille
and Large Print Bibles

A few years ago, I was attending a conference for church leaders and the speaker said, “Do you know that God loves the lost as much as he loves you?”  While my mind said, “Of course!” it made me think about my actions.  If the lost matter to God they must matter to me.  If the blind and those with visual disabilities matter to God, they must matter to us too.

Lutheran Braille Workers exists to show the love of God to people with visual disabilities and to bring them into a growing relationship with God.  We do this by engaging some 5,000 volunteers in over 150 Work Centers throughout the United States who joyfully produce approximately 250,000 volumes a year of Braille and specialized Large Print Bibles and Christian literature.

Lutheran Braille Workers is the largest Christian ministry in the world that provides Braille and specialized Large Print Bibles free of charge for the visually impaired. Thanks to the army of volunteers and thousands who financially support this ministry, Lutheran Braille Workers is able to place the Word of God into the hands of the blind and visually impaired at no expense to them.

In addition Lutheran Braille Workers has Outreach Centers throughout the United States which minister to the blind and people with visual disabilities with Jesus' love and with resources they can use. Most importantly, Outreach Centers provide a family of love and care. Many people who would not otherwise hear about Jesus connect to God's Word and His people at Outreach Centers.

Helping People Touch, and Be Touched by, the Promises of Jesus!

In HIS awesome service,
Rev. Dennis Stueve

Collage of LBW readers